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COVID-19 - Update!

Thank you to everyone who completed the COVID-19 forms this week and has been following the guidelines on their completion. There was 100% last week (October 18th). Please keep this going as it's a vital part of keeping on top of the guidelines and risk assessments and keeping us all safe.

We have had positive cases reported and the clubs involved have acted quickly to isolate the players involved and quickly establish, who else had or hadn't been in contact with that person. They had also acted quickly on their test and trace information. Thank you to those clubs for being on top of the situation and helping to reduce the impact on others. If you are aware of anyone who needs a test, has received a positive result or who has been in contact with someone who is positive, please let us know as soon as you can. Communication with your players is essential.

As a result of those positive cases some fixtures have been postponed. The co-operation of the opposition teams has been excellent and thank you to those teams for being understanding especially when some games have been postponed later in the week. When postponing fixtures the safety of everyone is paramount and is the safest way to ensure we are not the source of an outbreak.

Covid-19 Guidelines

Guidelines to Use if COVID-19 is SUSPECTED

Given the incident on October 11th 2020, it is now more important than ever, that BOTH TEAMS complete the COVID-19 Check List, for every game played. This document MUST be completed by both teams and submitted with the Match Report Form.

The submission of this form is covered under the Standard Code of Rules, for reference, it is SCOR Rule 21, fourth line 'or any other information required by the competition'. We WILL use this to enforce completion and submission of this form, fines WILL be issued for non compliance and we DO NOT apologise for doing so.

To make things easier for all parties, we placed the emphasis on the HOME Team, to provide and return the Check List.

However if for any reason, when you are the AWAY Team, you are not offered a Covid-19 form, fill your own in and email to Lee Hodgson – his e-mail is:

We all have to work together in beating Covid-19, but if common sense prevails and we work in partnership, there may be a need to call games off, but we are considering everyone's safety !

Ball of the Month

Ball of the Month Award

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The October award was shared after a number of Clubs had an excellent start to the season.

Barwell Cricketers FC - Division 3

Grendon FC - Premier One