Nuneaton Tribune Challenge Cup

History - 1966 to Present Day

The Tribune Cup was first played for in the Leagues inaugural season in 1966.  The competition is "Open" to all "First" Team Member Clubs. After the Covid Lockdown, the competition was last competed for in 2019, when the winners were Poplar Athletic FC from the Premier Division.


Currently, there are 8 branches in the Leicestershire, Warwickshire and the Midlands area, located at Nuneaton, Hinckley, Atherstone, Bedworth, Narborough.

The Tribune Challenge Cup - Final

Will take place on Sunday May 22nd 2022 at the Liberty Stadium Nuneaton
Courtesy of the Directors of Nuneaton Borough FC

Tribune Challenge Cup - Results

TRIBUNE CHALLENGE CUP                        ROUND ONE
Ambleside AFC3 - 0Conny Panthers FC
Attleborough FCOFFRogue Elite FC
Attleborough Sports FC2 - 5The Whitestone FC
Barwell Cricketers FC2 - 5Collycroft Royal Oak Warriors
Bedworth Liberal FC2 - 3Crows Nest Sports FC
Bedworth Travellers FC7 - 2SS Bulls Head FC
CJ's Athletic FC0 - 5Bedworth Bank FC
LNFC 182 - 10Bermuda Park FC
Red Lion (Sapcote) FC0 - 6Griff & Coton Manor FC
Saunders FC2 - 5Royal Athletic FC
Stoneycroft Utd FC3 - 0Coniston Tavern FC
Swan Dive FC2 - 0Phoenix Utd FC
Tarro Lounge FC4 - 2Ashby Road Sports FC
Chase FC (Won 7-6 Pens)5 - 5Red Lion (Barwell) FC
Trent Valley FC6 - 2Sunnyside Inn Nuneaton FC
White Hart FC5 - 5Acorn FC (Won 5-2 Pens)

Round Two - Results

Ambleside AFC (Won 4-2 Pens)1 - 1Bedworth Travellers FC
Athletico Duke FC1 - 4Bedworth Conservatives FC
Poplar Athletic FC
Walk Over
Chetwynd Phoenix FCOFFChase FC
Collycroft Royal Oak Warriors FC3 - 2Grendon FC
Crows Nest Sports FCBYE
Frank Parker FC2 - 4Lamb & Flag FC
Fuzzy Duck FC1 - 2Bermuda Park FC
Hansom Cabs FC1 - 0Ridge Lane FC
Haunchwood Sports FC3 - 4Hartshill Sports FC
Drayton FC
Walk Over
Royal Athletic FC2 - 11Whitestone FC
Swan Dive FC0 - 4Griff & Coton Manor FC
Tarro Lounge Caterpillar FC3 - 4Acorn FC
Trent Valley FC4 - 0Bedworth Bank FC
Witherley United FC8 - 1Stoneycroft Utd FC

Tribune Challenge Cup - Results

Ambleside AFC

1 - 0
Bermuda Park FC
Chetwynd Phoenix FC3 - 2Bedworth Conservatives FC
Drayton FC 0 - 1Collycroft Royal Oak Warriors
Acorn FC2 - 6Whitestone FC
Griff & Coton Manor FC1 - 0Crows Nest Sports FC
Poplar Athletic FC5 - 0Witherley United FC
Trent Valley FC1 - 8Hansom Cabs FC
Hartshill Sports FC1 - 0 Lamb & Flag FC


Chetwynd Phoenix FC (Pens 7-6) 2 - 2Ambleside AFC
Whitestone FC1 - 4Hartshill Sports FC
Hansom Cabs FC6 - 1Griff & Coton Manor FC
Collycroft Royal Oak Warriors FC0 - 1Poplar Athletic FC



Poplar Athletic FC 1 - 2Hansom Cabs FC
Chetwynd Phoenix FC  1 - 7Hartshill Sports FC


The Draw was conducted by Mr Matthew Baggott.
All Cup Games to be Played on the Date shown on the Fixtures.
If ties are level after 9o minutes -Penalty Kicks to decide -No Extra Time.