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Litter a Big Problem

Complaints from the Public !

Litter - Pick Up and Deposit Responsibly !

A general reminder making from NBBC reminding teams to take litter (bottles, tapes etc.) home with them, we’ve had an enquiry/complaint – specifically relating to Vale View. More now than ever, we shouldn’t be expecting anyone to pick up someone else’s rubbish. 

Lesley Rowland-Jones
Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council

E-Mail from Cllr Keith Kondakor - Weddington

It is great to see Football continue at at Sandon Park but I am getting increased complaints from residents at Cleaver Gardens about parking issues. The vast majority of people are parking sensibly but we do have a few who park on the pavements, across dropped kerbs, in residents parking area and on corners. 

It would be very useful to add a note about considerate parking on your newsletters as some of the residents are being significantly annoyed by a very few who park badly. I understand how difficult things are with COVID stopping things like car sharing.
Cllr Keith Kondakor

Litter at our Venues - Comment from a Member of the Public.

I am a bit concerned on the amount of rubbish that is left on the side lines after football matches on a Sunday, it doesn't take 5 minutes, for teams to pick it up and dispose of it. Also when teams take down their nets they leave all the tape on the ground this also doesn't take long to pick up. Could this problem be addressed at club level. I don't travel around the pitches, what I said above is just an example from the Avenue Road pitches in Nuneaton....

Steven Cox


Litter - Lets get on top of it !

Nicholas Chamberlaine School - LITTER

Matt Stanley, the Sports Centre Manager at Nicholas Chamberlaine School tells me over the past couple of weeks, there has been a real problem, with litter being left on the playing fields after the Sunday games. Together with a number of empty beer cans left on the touchlines !!!

May I remind everyone that ALCOHOL is NOT permitted at any of our Venues, on a Sunday morning, and certainly not to be consumed on the touchline.

Breaking News

The NDSFL Management Committee have suspended the League Programme from November 3rd to December 2nd 2020.

No details have been received from BCFA, so the Management Committee feel this is the RIGHT DECISION.

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New General Secretary takes up his post !

NDSFL - General Secretary

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Glyn Watkins as General Secretary to replace John Clark who recently retired. Glyn brings a wealth of experience having held a similar position with the Hinckley Sunday Football League.  

General Secretary

Mr Glyn Watkins
44 Bardon Road
Nr Hinckley

Tel: 01455 440803
Mobile: 07741 259920