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COVID-19 Check List Form !

Given the incident on October 11th, it is now more important than ever, that BOTH TEAMS complete the COVID-19 Check List, for every game played. This document MUST be completed by both teams and submitted with the Match Report Form.

The submission of this form IS covered under the Standard Code of Rules, for reference, it is SCOR Rule 21, fourth line 'or any other information required by the competition'. We WILL use this to enforce completion and submission of this form, fines WILL be issued for non compliance and we DO NOT apologise for doing so.

To make things easier for all parties, we placed the emphasis on the HOME Team, to provide and return the Check List. However if for any reason, when you are the AWAY Team, you are not offered a Covid-19 form, fill your own in and email to Lee Hodgson – his e-mail is:

We need Both Teams to complete this:


Ladies and Gentleman we are entering a serious period within the second wave and all parties (clubs spectators, players and officials), must ensure that all guidelines are followed to the letter, to ensure football remains a safe environment and we do not run the risk of having it closed down, and it WILL be closed down (by authorities higher than us) if you chose to ignore this warning.


Guidelines to Use if COVID-19 is SUSPECTED

To allow us to better understand the regulations the NDSFL will now be operating as follows, as to if and when games would need to be postponed:-

1. If a Player / Official of the Club is showing symptom’s of COVID-19 they should “Self Isolate” immediately and book a Covid-19 Test. You should also inform the Leagues Covid-19 Officer. (This will not affect anyone else at this stage, and games will still be required to be played).

2. If any / Player / Official of the Club tests positive you’ll be contacted by the NHS Trust “Test and Trace” service, and you will be required to advise the NDSFL’s Covid-19 Officer.

3. You will be asked by "Track & Trace" where you’ve been recently and who you’ve been in close contact with.

4. Clubs will need to have there “Records of Attendance” at Training and Matches to be made available to “Track and Trace”.

5.  Fixtures will Only be Suspended if Positive Tests are confirmed, and with Club members having to self-isolate as instructed by "Track & Trace"

Clubs Covid-19 Officer


Part of this guidance is for the Leagues to create a list of Covid 19 officers. Each club, as a requirement of these guidelines, must appoint a Covid 19 officer who is responsible for the development of their club Covid 19 plan and completion of the Risk Assessment. Please refer to File One - page 5 under 'the basics' 'required actions' for details of these responsibilities.


The second document deals with the Risk Assessment which affiliated clubs have a legal duty to complete. This document includes the risk assessment form, some of which will be applicable some of which will not. Please complete the sections applicable to your club and review this regularly to ensure you keep within the guidelines. We may, at any time, ask to see your completed Risk Assessments so please make sure they are completed. Risk Assessments are working documents and must be reviewed regularly and can be changed at any time. They must not be filled in once and then forgotten.