Stockingford Invitation Charity Cup

Main Sponsor - Jewson, Greenmoor Road, Nuneaton, Tel: 024 7638 3684

Stockingford Charity Invitation Cup

History - 2018 to Present Day

The Stockingford Charity Invitation Cup was first played for 2018.  The competition is an  "Invitation" Charity Cup for Clubs across Nuneaton, Bedworth, Coventry and North Warwickshire. The competition was last competed for in 2019, when the winners were Ambush FC  from Coventry.

Stockingford Charity Cup

The Management Committee of the Stockingford Invitation
Charity Cup are pleased to announce that from Season 2021-2022 Clubs will be competing for a NEW Trophy donated by Phil Shaw of Shaw Sheet Metals (Rugby) Ltd.  We would like to thank Phil for this generous donation, thus allowing us to continue to support local charities.

Stockingford Invitation Charity Cup

Invitations have been extended to Teams in the Nuneaton & District Sunday League, and the Coventry & District Sunday League.

The Current Holders are: Ambush FC - Coventry & District Sunday League who picked up the trophy in 2019.  

The Competition was not completed for in 2020 and 2021 due the the Covid-19 Lockdown restrictions

Round One & Round Two to be played on Sunday November 28th 2021 - see below.

  • Acorn FC
  • Bedworth Bank FC
  • Witherley Utd FC
  • Tarro Lounge Caterpillar FC
  • Poplar Athletic FC
  • Coventry Empire FC
  • Burnt Post FC
  • Bermuda Park FC
  • Grendon FC
  • Trent Valley FC
  • Royal Athletic FC
  • Frank Parker FC
  • Sunnyside Inn FC
  • Lamb & Flag FC
  • Coundon Athletic FC
  • Rogue Elite FC

ROUND ONE - Sunday October 31st 2021

Stockingford Charity CupRound OneJEWSONS - SPONSORING
Acorn FCvBedworth Bank FCGround WaterloggedOFF
Burnt Post FCvBermuda Park FCGround WaterloggedOFF
Grendon FCvTrent Valley FCGround WaterloggedOFF
Poplar Athletic FCvCoventry Empire FCGround WaterloggedOFF
Royal Athletic FCvFrank Parker FCGround WaterloggedOFF
Sunnyside Inn (Nuneaton) FCvLamb & Flag FCGround WaterloggedOFF
Witherley United FC7 - 2Tarro Lounge Caterpillar FC

Coundon AthleticFCvRogue Elite FCCoundon Forfeited the TieOFF

ROUND ONE & TWO - Sunday November 28th 2021

Stockingford  Charity Cup
Round One

Acorn FCvBedworth Bank FCGeo Eliot School, Nun CV11 4QPAshley Bonner
Burnt Post FCvBermuda Park FCWaterlogged GroundOFF
Grendon FCvTrent Valley FCBoot Hill, Grendon CV9 2ELSean Divitt
Poplar Athletic FCvCoventry Empire FCWaterlogged GroundOFF
Royal Athletic FCvFrank Parker FCHome Team WithdrawOFF
Sunnyside Inn Nuneaton FCvLamb & Flag FCPauls Land 4, Nun CV11 6QAPeter Bell
Stockingford Charity Cup
Round Two
Rogue Elite FCvWitherley Utd FCWaterlogged GroundOFF

Round 2 - Games Outstanding

Stockingford Charity Cup  Round Two
Grendon FC or Trent Valley FC
vAcorn FC or Bedworth Bank FC
Sunnyside Inn or Lamb & Flag
vPoplar Ath or Coventry Empire
Rogue Elite FC
Frank Parker FC

Witherley Utd FC
Burnt Post or Bermuda Park FC

Meet the Cup Management Committee

President:  Ian Garrett.         Chairman:  Adrian Fowler.

Secretary:  Warren Percival - 07738 957175
Referees Secretary:  Petar Balac - 07971 843067
Treasurer:  Andrew Astle.