Match Day & Registrations - Procedures/Protocols

Nuneaton & District Sunday Football League

Match Day

Registrations Protocol.

Hit List of Actions - Before & After Games

Tuesday - Before your Game. 
The Home Team shall confirm the Fixture with their Opponents and Referee, advising the name & location of the ground, with directions, together with Club Colours and  Kick  Off Time.  This can be completed by Telephone, Text or e-mail to the parties.

The Day of the Match.
Each team should  have the following Equipment.
  • Match Ball.
  • Whistle.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Match Report Form and Day of the Match Registration Form (Both available on NDSFL Website).
Match Day Procedures.
  • The Home Team shall provide a "Mach Report Form" which should be completed  and handed to the opposing team. (Full Names - in Capitals and in Black Ink). 
  • The Form should then be given to the Referee - before the game.
  • At the completion of the game, the Referee should be paid his/her fee of £32.00 from the Home Club.
  • The Fee is shared by both Clubs and the Away Club is responsible for paying it share to the Home Club.
  • The Result and any Reports should be sent to Andrew Baggott by phone, 024 7635 2985 or email to by the HOME Club.
  • The Match Report Form will then be sent to the League by email to: by the Home team together with a CC to the Away Club, by 6.00pm on the Thursday following the game.



Players can be Registered on the “Whole Game System upto 6.00pm on the Friday” before the date of the Sunday fixture. Any number of Players may be registered and submitted for approval to the League using this method and timescales. 


If the date and time in OPTION 1 is missed, all Clubs have a facility using Rule 18.A.1 to sign a maximum of 2 Players as Match Day signings

The following should be actioned 24 Hours before the Kick Off of the game, you wish the player to play in. (Latest 10,45am on the Saturday) 

Send an e-mail to the League – using with the following information.

1.       Players Name.

2.       Players Date of Birth.

3.       Players FAN Number (if Known)

4.       Players Full Address and Post Code. 


If this timescale in OPTION 2 is missed, Clubs can then use Rule 18.A.2 (Match Day signing) to sign One (1) Player on the morning of the match, using the paper Registration Form.

The form has to be forwarded fully completed to the League within 48 hours following the match, by email to 

All Clubs should read Rule 18 taking particular notice of Rule 18.A.1 and Rule 18.A.2 

It is the Clubs responsibility to check when signing players, to check if the player is already attached to a Club in the NDSFL, or is under Suspension, as this may prevent League approval.

Be especially carful if signing a player on the day of the Match, that all the questions on the form, have been asked and verified before playing the player, any doubt do not play him !!!! 

If you have any queries on registrations text me on 07483 233639 and I will endeavour to assist.