Nuneaton & District Sunday League
County FA - Affiliation Numbers
Clubs CANNOT participate in Matches (including) Training until Affiliation and Insurance is in place.

Details as of TuesdayJune 28th 2022

CLUBCounty FAAffiliation NoCounty Receipt No
Acorn FCBirmingham Y-BIR 9016 INV-BIR 125772
Acorn FC ResBirmingham Y-BIR 9016 INV-BIR 125772
Ambleside AFCBirmingham  
Ambleside AFC ResBirmingham  
Ashby Road Sports FCLeicester & RutlandY-LEI 3475 INV-LEI 46811
Athletico Duke FCLeicester & RutlandY-LEI 3474 INV-LEI 46739
Attleborough FCBirminghamY-BIR 9667INV-BIR 124682
Attleborough Sports FCBirmingham  
Attleborough Sports FC ResBirmingham  
Barwell Cricketers FCLeicester & Rutland  
Bedworth Bank FCBirmingham Y-BIR 9597INV-BIR 125234 
Bedworth Bank FC ResBirmingham Y-BIR 9597INV-BIR 125234
Bedworth Conservative Club FC  BirminghamY-BIR 9613INV-BIR 125301
Bedworth Liberal FCBirmingham  
Bedworth Liberal FC ResBirmingham  
Bermuda Park FC  BirminghamY-BIR 9572INV-BIR 124688
C.J’s Athletic FCBirminghamY-BIR 9705INV-BIR 125408
Chetwynd Phoenix FCBirminghamY-BIR 9004INV-BIR 125803
Collycroft Royal Oak Warriors FCBirmingham  
Coniston Tavern FC   Birmingham  
Conny Utd FCLeicester & Rutland  
Crows Nest Sports FCBirminghamY-BIR 9570INV-BIR 124727
Desford-Caterpillar FCLeicester & Rutland  INV-LEI 46531
Drayton FC  Birmingham  
Drayton FC ResBirmingham  
Earl Shilton Town FCLeicester & RutlandY-LEI 3095INV-LEI 46586
FC FeathersLeicester & Rutland  
Frank Parker FC  BirminghamY-BIR 8899INV-BIR 124867
Griff & Coton Manor FC  BirminghamY-BIR 9618INV-BIR 125311
Griff & Coton Manor FC ResBirminghamY-BIR 9618INV-BIR 125311
Hartshill Sports Club FC  Birmingham  
Haunchwood Sports FCBirminghamY-BIR 9649INV-BIR 125395
Hearty Goodfellow FCBirminghamY-BIR 9680INV-BIR 125446
Lamb & Flag FC  BirminghamY-BIR 9665INV-BIR 125436
Lamb & Flag FC ResBirminghamY-BIR 9665INV-BIR 125436
Old Ball Utd FCBirmingham  
Phoenix Utd FCLeicester & Rutland  
Plough FCBirmingham  
Poplar Athletic FC  BirminghamY-BIR 9542 INV-BIR 124762
Ridge Lane FCBirminghamY-BIR 9520 INV-BIR 124680
Rogue Elite FCLeicester & Rutland  
Royal Trent FC BirminghamY-BIR 9568INV-BIR 124697
Rumour Mill FCLeicester & RutlandY-LEI 3440INV-LEI 46502
Saunders Hall FCBirmingham  
Saunders Hall FC ResBirmingham  
SS Bulls Head FCLeicester & Rutland Y-LEI 3110INV-LEI 46449
Sunnyside Inn (Nuneaton) FCBirmingham Y-BIR 9493INV-BIR 124292
Swan Dive FCBirmingham Y-BIR 8653 
The Boat FCBirmingham Y-BIR 9741 INV-BIR 125336
The Whitestone FC  Birmingham Y-BIR 8987 INV-BIR 125702
Weddington Social FCBirmingham  
White Hart Wanderers FCBirmingham Y-BIR 9796 INV-BIR 125674
Witherley United FC  Birmingham Y-BIR 9701 INV-BIR 125540 
Witherley United FC ResBirmingham Y-BIR 9701 INV-BIR 125540