Brian Dowsett Memorial Invitation Charity Cup

Sponsored by Stockingford Pavilion Club - League Headquarters

Brian Dowsett Memorial Charity Cup

History - 1972 to Present Day

The Brian Dowsett Memorial Charity Cup was first played for in the League in season 1972-73.  The competition is "Invitation Charity Cup" supporting local charities.  After the Covid Lockdown, the competition was last competed for in 2019, when the winners were Fir Tree FC.

The FINAL will be played on - Wednesday May 4th 2022  - Pingles Arena 7.00pm

Stockingford AA - Nuneaton (League HQ)

Brian Dowsett
Memorial Charity Cup

1Swan Dive FC4 - 3Bedworth Liberal FC Res
2Ambleside AFC1 - 2Trent Valley FC
Sunday March 20thROUND 2
3Attleborough Sports FC2 - 10Grendon FC Res
4Bedworth Bank FC Res0 - 2Swan Dive FC
5Tarro Lounge Caterpillar FC1 - 2Trent Valley FC
6Athletico Duke FC6 - 2SS Bulls Head FC
Sunday April 10thSEMI-FINALS
Trent Valley FC (Pens)4 - 4Swan Dive FC
Grendon FC Res2 - 3Athletico Duke FC