League 3 - Challenge Trophy

Sponsored by  The Coniston Tavern - Nuneaton

League 3
Challenge Trophy

History - 1980 to Present Day

The League 3 - Challenge Trophy was first played for in the Leagues in season 1972-73.  The competition is a Cup OPEN to all Members of Division Three.   After Covid, the competition was last competed for in 2022, when the winners were RED LION SAPCOTE FC .

The Winners for 2021-2022 were RED LION SAPCOTE FC

Coniston Tavern - Nuneaton

League 3 - Challenge Trophy

Attleborough Sports FCBedworth Liberal FC Res
Bedworth Bank FC ResBermuda Park FC
Desford-Caterpillar FCConny Utd FC
SS Bulls Head FCWhite Hart Wanderers FC
Teams in each Group will play each other HOME / AWAY.
The Top Two in each Group progress to the Semi-Finals.

Cup Fixtures

Attleborough Sports FC ResvBedworth Bank FC ResTBA
Attleborough Sports FC ResvDesford-Caterpillar FCTBA
Attleborough Sports FC ResvSS Bulls Head FCTBA
Bedworth Bank FC ResvAttleborough Sports FC Res05-02-2023
Bedworth Bank FC ResvDesford-Caterpillar FCTBA
Bedworth Bank FC ResvSS Bulls Head FCTBA
Desford-Caterpillar FCvAttleborough Sports FC ResTBA
Desford-Caterpillar FCvBedworth Bank FC ResTBA
Desford-Caterpillar FCvSS Bulls Head FC12-02-2023
SS Bulls Head FCvAttleborough Sports FCTBA
SS Bulls Head FCvBedworth Bank FC ResTBA
SS Bulls Head FC3 - 0Desford-Caterpillar FC29-01-2023
Bedworth Liberal FC ResvBermuda Park FCTBA
Bedworth Liberal FC ResvConny Utd FCTBA
Bedworth Liberal FC ResvWhite Hart Wanderers FCTBA
Bermuda Park FCvConny Utd FC12-02-2023
Bermuda Park FCvWhite Hart Wanderers FCTBA
Bermuda Park FCvBedworth Liberal FC ResTBA
Conny Utd FCvBermuda Park FC05-02-2023
Conny Utd FCvWhite Hart Wanderers FCTBA
Conny Utd FCvBedworth Liberal FC ResTBA
White Hart Wanderers FCvBermuda Park FCTBA
White Hart Wanderers FCvConny Utd FCTBA
White Hart Wanderers FCvBedworth Liberal FC Res05-02-2023


Group A

SS Bulls Head FC110030+33
Attleborough Sports FC00000000
Bedworth Bank FC Res00000000
Desford-Caterpillar FC100103-30

Group B

Bedworth Liberal FC Res00000000
Bermuda Park FC00000000
Conny Utd FC00000000
White Hart Wanderers FC00000000