League 2 - Challenge Trophy

In Memory of Harold Pearson - Founder Member NDSFL

League 2
Challenge Trophy

History - 1992 to Present Day

The League 2 - Challenge Trophy was first played for in the Leagues in season 1992-93.  The competition is a Cup OPEN to all Members of Division Two.   After Covid, the competition was last competed for in 2019, when the winners were Darkside FC .

In Memory of W.H.Pearson

League 2 - Challenge Trophy

1SS Bulls Head FCv Crows Nest Sports FC
2Coll Royal Oak Warriors FCv Barwell Cricketers FC
3Stoneycroft Utd FCv Royal Athletic FC
4Whitestone FCv Bedworth Liberal FC Res
    ROUND 2
5Swan Dive FCv Winner - Match 3
6Ashby Road Sports FCv Athletico Duke FC
7Winner - Match 1v Winner - Match 4
8Winner - Match 2v Acorn FC
 Winner - Match 6v Winner - Match 7
 Winner  - Match 5v Winner  - Match 8